Riftal is

one of the leading blockchain development services and solutions companies. Software development company whose agile methodologies focus on providing incredible end-user experiences and delivering long-term utility through futureproof scalable and modular design.


Head of Strategy


Head of Development


Head of Technology

Prof. John
Kojiro Moriwaka


We offer enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy, and custom blockchain development services.

Our multidisciplinary teams include innovators and experienced problem solvers that
have delivered for partners such as SEB, Telia, Audatex, IPF, and Danske Bank.

We do big things

with passion, quality, and skill at the heart of everything we do. Backed by strong experience from Google, Skype, IDEO, and Rocket Internet, we’re experts at creating digital value for ambitious companies all over the world.

Our holistic approach seamlessly integrates all the core elements needed to craft digital products of outstanding quality. We combine agile software methodologies, lean start-up and design thinking to build better web and mobile experiences.

Mari Sumberg Südameapteek, CMO

The Riftal team is a professional group of software development specialists who have demonstrated an ability to provide excellent results. We exceeded our business targets and and opened up a new revenue channel.

We look forward to engaging them on future projects.

John Ajah Spinlet, CEO

The Spinlet and Riftal partnership is running into its third year now and I must say that, we are very glad and satisfied to have found a trustworthy and reliable development partner in them. In the time we’ve worked together, the management team has continually shown passion and genuine interest for our corporate vision and business, while the experienced development team have managed to understand and own our technology methodologies and processes with so much professionalism. I would make the choice to work with them as technology partners over and over again, and recommend them to others as a reliable technology and business improvement process partner.

We deliver

bespoke enterprise applications that address your business needs and meet your specifications, by focusing on the latest trends and technologies across  the major web and mobile platforms.

Our team of software engineers have vast experience with large architectures, third-party integrations and working side-by-side with our client’s internal technology teams.



Development of Ethereum based Dapps (Smart Contracts).

Ethereum based client software development in NodeJS, Python, C++ and Java.

Enterprise blockchain project development using Hyperledger platform (ex Fabric). Building Smart Contracts in Chaincode (Go, NodeJS).

Development of EOS Smart Contracts and client apps.

Corda (open-source blockchain platform) CorDapp development using Java / Kotlin.

Development of Byteball Smart Contracts and client apps.

Enterprises ready development of blockchain solutions using Parity.

Blockchain related browser extensions (Chrome) and mobile apps development.

Ledger as a service development on top of Sequence network built by Chain using Java, NodeJS.


Development and planning (analysis) of microservice architecture.

Managing clusters using OpenShift, Kubernetes, HashiCorp Stack, Cloud Foundry.

Serverless development using AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions, Google Cloud Platform Functions.


Java, .NET, PHP, Go, Python, JavaScript, NodeJS, React, Angular, VueJS, API integrations, Responsive Web, API development, Back-end architecture, Content management, Highy-scalable services.


Native iOS, Native Android, React Native, Xamarin, Hybrid.


MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, LevelDB, CouchDB, OrbitDB, BigChainDB and others


AWS, Azure, Docker, Jenkins, Kafka.